Go Big Always – Here’s my crap, please talk about it

Go Big Always – Here’s my crap, please talk about it.

I think this is right on money and I”ve also seen this happen a number of times. Garbage in..garbage out. No technology will ever fix that.

Here’ the crux of it:

We have a ton of (documents, marketing materials, assets, whatever) and we want to get that stuff out there so that other people can talk about it and make it better.

I get why this is attractive but it never ceases to amaze me. The strategy of moving the same old stuff into a community is a failing strategy. Have you ever been to a community filled with documentation and marketing materials and loved it? No. We can get that same stuff in a million other places, we don’t need another one.

Companies need to spend a lot more time thinking through why they’re doing the community to begin with. The problem is, it’s much easier to justify hanging your laundry out for other people to clean than it is to get people to think differently.


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20 Useful Bookmarklets – Stepcase Lifehack

I’ve been looking for this and it’s right under my nose. I’ve been using the Windows Live Writer add-on for Firefox but since it doesn’t work with FF3 I’ve been sort of at a loss for a quick and easy way to directly post from the site I want to reference. Alas, from this article below, “Press This” does the trick. And it’s been hidden in plain site all along!

20 Useful Bookmarklets – Stepcase Lifehack.

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We need more of us


Link 1:  Clive Shepherd’s Presentation on “Why We Need More Instructional Designers”

Link 2:  The “60 Minute Masters” Course (audio enabled; registration required)

Link3:  The “60 Minute Masters” Course (no audio; no registration required)

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I’ve been looking for something like this since the Firefox LiveWriter plugin doesn’t work with FF 3.0. I hope this works as well as it looks…we’ll see.

WriteToMyBlog is a free web based word processor for your Blog. Create Post Entries for your Blog from right here, completely free, no membership required, can Post to multiple Blogs simultaneously, manage your Posts, works with all major Blog programs, and is easy-peasy!

Anyone else using this who can comment on its usefulness?

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Good Design Principles

This article is for designing forms but I think it translates fairly well to documents as well. This site is also a great source for design ideas and tutorials.

Some of the problems with forms and I’d say documents as well, include:

  1. a lack of emphasis on anything. (Note: if you emphasize everything that means that NOTHING is emphasized)
  2. wasted space (Note: White space in documents is GOOD. This one may not translate as well from forms to docs.)
  3. not easily scannable
  4. not organized logically

Here is a before & after look at the example form. Some simple changes make it more readable/useful.
before and after of form design

Ideabook.com Tutorials | How to design a smart, functional form

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Quotes on Learning & Mistakes

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Alvin Toffler

And via Michelle Martin…

“Nobody learns except by making mistakes,” Drucker wrote in his 1954 landmark book, The Practice of Management. “The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make—for the more new things he will try. I would never promote a man into a top-level job who has not made mistakes, and big ones at that. Otherwise, he is sure to be mediocre. Worse still, not having made mistakes he will not have learned how to spot them early and how to correct them.”

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