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Top 100 Open Courseware Projects | OEDb

Open Courseware is a recent phenomenon that looks as if it may take hold for the long run. Open Courseware is freely available course materials provided by universities and other institutions that include lectures, class notes and other relevant learning materials. These courses are all “open source”; which means they are freely available.

Top schools such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and others have made course materials available in this manner. The link below provides a list of the top 100 Open Courseware projects as provided by the Online Education Database

Top 100 Open Courseware Projects | OEDb

Also see:  Free Learning Resources


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Alvin Toffler Interview

Futurist Alvin Toffler in an interesting interview on Al Jazeera

Thoughtware.TV – World Changing Videos: Connect. Empower. Inspire. Evolve.

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Google Maps: No screenshot required

The image above is NOT a screenshot but being served from Google directly. See how the static map wizard works here.

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The simplest podcast API ever (Scripting News)

This is the sort of thing the future may hold when it comes to technology. This service has made the process of creating a podcast AND publishing it via an RSS feed as easy as making a phone call. Because that’s all you have to do; call the number and the rest is done automatically.

I think the best kind of progress are ones like these that make the technology “invisible”.  Sometimes the best types of design are the ones that can’t be seen. 

Link to The simplest podcast API ever (Scripting News)

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Teach Yourself Instructional Design (Short list)

Cammy Bean has derived a shortlist from John Curry’s long list of suggested books for learning instructional design.

The good news, for me at least, is that I’ve either got most of them or read them already. And this is a GOOD list!!!

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Give your computer the finger

This article from Computer World provides a glimpse into the future of computer interfaces by exploring the latest “touch” interfaces. It touches on the iPhone, Microsoft’s Surface table-top computer (which is very cool if you haven’t seen it yet), and other touch methods of interacting with a computer. There is even a system that can project an image of a touch screen onto a wall, table or just about anything else and then uses video cameras to capture your inputs from the projected touch screen. (shown below)

See more about the Microsoft Surface computer here:

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Future of Learning Manifesto

This ( ) is an interesting piece written by an English teacher in Texas about how learning has changed (and is changing).

Here’s one part that I really like:

“If you’re so smart, why are you asking me to give you the answers?

More importantly, are you teaching me how to ask great questions? “

Check it out and see what you think?

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