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Dump the Drone

“Dump the Drone” presentation from Cathy Moore..


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Looking into the crystal ball

Elearning magazine has an article in which many notable names put forth their predictions for 2008. Here are just a few with my comments on each.

“….Basic research on learning and instruction will provide new guidance for instructional design, including which instructional features promote which kinds of learning for which learners.” —Richard E. Mayer, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

I totally agree with this one that we shouldn’t get tied up with new, flashy technology. It’s just as easy to create poor (or great) instruction with old, “low tech” tools as it is with the so called latest and greatest.

“Content within corporations and universities is going to become more and more disaggregated and learner created….” —Karl Kapp, Assistant Director, Institute for Interactive Technologies and Professor of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University, USA

Karl hits the nail on the head with this one. I’m always impressed when I teach a class I never fail to learn something new from the students in the class. Logically, the people who work with things the most tend to know the most about them. With 2.0 type technologies these people can publish and share their wisdom with everyone else and people can find these “gurus” much more easily than in the past.

“…Savvy instructional designers are starting to realize that they cannot be involved in the development of all instructional content in their organizations. Designers are beginning to help others author content and that should leave the more complex projects, where quality of instruction and assurance of skills is needed, in the hands of capable instructional designers” —Patti Shank, President, Learning Peaks LLC, USA

This one spoke the loudest to me. In my organization the amount of learning materials that are generated by local SMEs would fill my work cue for the rest of my career and that is even if they never made anything new in the future ever again.

Personally, I hope that all these great open, social tools can break through the corporate firewalls where I think they can have the biggest impact.

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Low-budget elearning ideas » Making Change

Love this post by Cathy Moore…LOVE IT! 

Link to Low-budget elearning ideas » Making Change

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Write conversationally for better learning


Neuroscience has discovered that our brains remember things that it thinks are important. And our brains think conversations are important and should be remembered. Especially funny or emotional conversations.

Conversational writing causes your brain to wake-up and pay attention. Your brain thinks it’s in a real conversation, even though you’re reading text on a page. If you’re developing learning content, …- use a conversation. Your reader’s brain will thank you for it.

Via Pick the brain

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SlideShare » World’s Best Presentation Contest

 This is a little dated but I came across this again when looking for something else and thought it’s worth sharing. There are some great design ideas for presentations and/or elearning designs. Check them out — you won’t be sorry!

SlideShare » World’s Best Presentation Contest

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Online eLearning Summit – Jan 23,

 Via Brent Schenkler, this seems to definitely be worth a look. I hope I can make Michael Allen’s session.

Link to Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development: Online eLearning Summit – January 23, 2008

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