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Presentations: Stop Death by PowerPoint

Nicely done!

SlideSharePresentations: Stop Death by PowerPoint


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Free eLearning?

Looking at data from the  eLearning Guild that I mentioned previously along with these slides, it has dawned on me that we can do some really great elearning things virtually at no cost.

In fact, free tools are a huge part of my day, everyday. My list includes Audacity, CamStudio, GIMP, Windows Live Writer w/WordPress, Delicious, Firefox and several of the Google services. Add to this list the great SnagIt & Camtasis deals from Techsmith and you’ve got a great start. Although I haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet, I’ve recently seen some interesting free options for authoring elearning also.

What free tools do you use?

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eLearning Guild Research Reports : eLearning Technology

Via Tony Karrer’s elearningtech blog with the newly restructured access from the eLearning Guild comes a bushel full of great elearning resources.

It’s interesting to see how the free options compare, usually favorably, to the commercial ones.

Definitely worth a visit for a few downloads.

Link to eLearning Guild Research Reports : eLearning Technology

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Free Camtasia & SnagIt Licenses

Via Digital Inspiration¬†Techsmith is giving away Camtasia and SnagIt licenses. If you do any screen captures and/or screen casts and don’t know about these tools you should DEFINITELY head over and check out these offers. These are top rate tools that are worth adding to your toolbox.

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Epic – blended learning and knowledge solutions

I found this via a white paper on Blended Learning from the Epic web site. This could be helpful when you’re looking at which components of your learning plan should/could be online and which could be offline. Their three categories are: (1) Offline (face-to-face) (2) Offline (Individual work) and (3) Online.

I think the online category may be better if it were split between synchronous and asynchronous (or individual and group work). None the less, you could easily use it as is or add the fourth category and use this as a good planning tool for your blended learning.


Epic – blended learning and knowledge solutions

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Stock Photo Images

 Via Tony Karrer comes this big list of resources for photos and images. Unless I missed it that list didn’t include my number one source; Microsoft’s Clip Gallery Live

Here are my top three. What are your’s?

  1. MS Office Online
  3. Flickr

Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources : eLearning Technology

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Bookr | Online Flickr books

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